Hello, Lover...

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 195 pounds
Age: Thirties
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Home: Philadelphia, PA

If you're reading this, perhaps it was my raven curls and red lips that caught your eye. Maybe you have a particular interest in a woman that offers more... 


I'm not the standard woman, which perhaps suits you quite well if, as I expect, you find yourself outside the polite norm, even if only in your fantasies. I stand just below 5' 4" and am the perfect combination of pillowy curves, soft skin, and a ready wit. In my professional life, I have been an author with an MBA. I find myself very content now as a born-again entrepreneur offering companionship in my free time. Whether you are a veteran of the demi-monde or you are just now dipping your toe into these waters, it would be my absolute pleasure to take your hand and introduce you to my world of art, music, culture, and sensual hedonism. 

I'm passionately curious about life, love, and pleasure. I believe in the archetype of the classic kept mistress - attentive, charismatic, unapologetic in her femininity, the consummate hostess and sensual concierge.


My hobbies include film, wine, travel, and tending to the baker's dozen of rose bushes that live just off my patio. 

As for myself, I'm unabashedly flawed and utterly real. I'm a lot of woman - in all the best ways - tender and sarcastic, smart and soft, wild, well-read, and well-traveled. I'm no girl, but a woman who's lived - stories to tell and secrets to share.

I laugh and love easily. I'm fascinated by sexuality - entranced by that moment when the masks we wear in polite society fall away and we find ourselves with another. Naked and honest and vulnerable. The world is brutal and beautiful, I know. In all of the chaos, I'll be your soft place to fall. 


Let me be your Scheherazade - to create a private haven for us of pillows and blankets, lit by candlelight. I'll stroke your head and spin a tale. Let's allow our baser senses help us find our way...


I promise you this, you'll not be bored. 

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