How's a Nice Girl Like you end up Like this?

The Big question. The one all Beaus ask eventually.

It will always come up in conversation eventually. Sometimes, it's as a first encounter is drawing to a close, he's sweaty and out of breath. I'm tracing my fingers over his chest, giving him time to pause for a few moments from reality. He eventually comes to and asks, "So how'd you end up doing this?"

I'm never sure what answer he wants, honestly. I started out in this business telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so-help-me-God. The answer (I had recently quit my career in marketing, noticed that my emergency savings wasn't exactly getting bigger, and started feeling the siren song of depression) didn't exactly scream sexy. As a matter of fact, I could feel the energy shift in the room as I would stick to "just the facts, ma'am".

I changed my tack. I began spinning a much, much more romanticized tale. I just loved sex, you see? Since I was conveniently between relationships, why not have a nice little side hustle that fits perfectly into my jet set lifestyle and enjoy all the benefits? After all, I'm a carefree, party girl at heart...

Even I had trouble believing this.

I could tell that the Sirs in my life were after a genuine, authentic connection with a real woman. A woman with history, a past, stories to tell. It's just the gentleman I seem to attract.

A few months in, I found a happy medium. I'm a firm, firm believer in authenticity and have begun to tell my history in a way that is fascinating, light, audience appropriate and yet still real .

So, how'd a nice girl end up in a ...

Shh, I know. I'll tell you my story. I came from the corporate world with a special focus on sales and marketing. For all intents and purposes, to the outside eye, I had it all. I had a title to be proud of in front of my extended family over the holidays; I had a paycheck that allowed me the luxury of home ownership and a couple of modest vacations a year. I wasn't moving in the upper echelons of high society but hey, I was in good standing with my local HOA and was able to have a housekeeper come in once a week to do the cleaning that I hate doing.

On the inside, where I truly believe counts, I felt restless and discontent. I'm not the type to be overly reckless and financial security is one of my top five values, but I couldn't ignore that I was living the cliche that goes like "I look in to the mirror and didn't recognize the face staring back at me."

I couldn't just leave my job, though, could I?

After all, my student loan payments alone made that impossible.

I sat with that discontent for a long time. It wasn't a great place to be. I noticed changes in myself, my life that suggested I would be taking a bigger risk by staying put than by making a massive change.

I took a severance package from my company and embarked on a bit of a soul journey.

I traveled a little, crossed a couple of items off my bucket list.

It was a wonderful feeling to be free of a life that I felt I had outgrown. But the question still remained.

What should I do next?

I had money to float for a few months, but I knew that I was far from being financially free enough to avoid making some kind of regular income, like, SOON.

With one eye trained on my shrinking savings, I started looking for clues as to what, exactly, I could do to find financial and emotional/spiritual/intellectual fulfillment.

In my last corporate job I had worked adjacent to the sex industry and had greatly enjoyed it. I knew that industry held something fascinating and fun for me.

But what?

Weeks of mulling, pondering, and researching later, I was sure I had found exactly it.

Phone Sex.

I started setting up my sure to be successful phone sex empire. I created a persona, learned everything I could about the business, and began taking calls. Something, however, was still off.

Ever curious, I kept learning, searching, and trying to perfect my venture when I stumbled upon the first professional companion website I had ever seen.

I was enraptured by her. She was glamorous, gorgeous, successful. I wanted whatever it was she was having. I began looking into the world of the call girl and found myself thinking, "Yes. Yes. I could do this. I could love doing this. Maybe I could even be good at this?"

There is, unfortunately, a shortage of good information available by sex workers for sex workers about the nuts and bolts of this business. I think I read through all of it in a weekend. I took in everything I could find and with each hyperlink skipping me to another web page, another site, another mentor sharing their skill, I felt more and more sure that this world was where I was supposed to be.

I told my best friend my plans. She, being one of the most unequivocally supportive, kind people on this earth, asked a few basic safety questions and gave her full support.

I screwed up my courage and placed my first ad.

Nearly two years later, it's still the best decision I've ever made.

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